Chin J Ind Hyg Occup Dis,2021, Vol.39, No.13

Role of immune mechanisms in patients with inflammatory periodontal pathology

Peculiarities of the therapeutic approach in the application of hirudotherapy in primary headaches

Comparison of transport function and motor activity of the cyliar apparatus of the nasal cavity in normal and with nasal septum deformations

Damage to the heart, kidneys, liver, intestines with a new coronavirus infection covid-19

Dynamics of clinical and neurological parameters during therapeutic interventions in children with stroke.

Lexical units of medical sphere: phrases and its types

What is known about the mummy and what is being done?

Isolation and study of some rhizobial properties of local strains of bradyrhizobium japonicum 

Aspects of immunoreactivity in patients with metabolic syndrome as a model of a secondary immune-dependent state

Pre-clinical study of the antiaterosclerotic drug firutas on pathomorphological changes in the organs of animals with long administration

Features of physical development of preschool children with allergic diseases

Results of the effectiveness and safety of the medicine Rometin in adults with acute respiratory infections

Assessment of the quality of medical care in the complication of diabetes mellitus

Ecological state of water bodies of Tashkent region for water supply of the population

Surgical aspect of peritonitis therapy

Features of the course of congenital pneumonia in premature babies on the background of perinatal lesions of the central nervous system

Heart rate variability in children infected intraually with torch

Effects of l – carnitine on systemic inflammation and oxidative stress in Covid-19 patients

Analysis of patients with a new Coronaviral infection Covid-19 with comorbid pathology

Markers of systemic inflammation in patients with chronic kidney disease

Cardio-reno-pulmonal parameters in   patients with chronic kidney disease

The significance of the influence of panmixia and inbreeding conditions on the formation of atopic dermatitis in children

Study of the influence of silicon on the morphofunctional structure of the liver in experimental studies

Motivational support for the study of English language by medical students

Mental Health consequences (Stress) among Kufa University Undergraduate Students throughout the Corona virus pandemic (Covid-19) outbreak

Evaluation of some hormonal parameters and interleukins levels in patients with hypothyroidism

Seroepidemiological surveillance of antibodies to sars-cov 2  in before – and post-vaccinal period of emergency vaccinoprovention of covid-19 under pandemic conditions

Applying new learning methods in medical universities in the conditions of distance learning

25-hydroxivitamin d level in protein-induced enterocolitis syndrome in children

Criteria for expert evaluation of craniocerebral injuries

The influence of the dietary character on the development of functional disorders of the digestive organs in children

The role of Ozod Sharofuddinov in translations of oral folk art of the Korean people

Study analysis of ultrasound verification of breast cancer in oncology

Assessment analysis ultrasonic vigilance and early diagnosis of prostate cancer

Salmonella infection in children

Analysis of ultrasonic verification in ovarian tumor and methods of its early diagnosis

Features of the clinical and genetic course of alopecia in children

Screen detection optimization arterial hypertension in early stages

Clinic-laboratory particularities Сovid-19

Escherichia coli infection in children

The role of ultrasonic control in punctional-draining interventions of complicated forms of bacterial lung destruction in children

The results of surgical treatment of child with left main bronchus congenital stenosis complicated with low lobe bronchiectasis

Rational pharmacotherapy in children with bronchitis

Analysis of the role of papillomavirus infection human in the development of cervical dysplasia

Analysis of Pathogenetic features of allergic reactivity in hypertensive conditions of pregnant women

A case of using amnion in the treatment of keratoglobus complicated by bullous keratopathy

Change in central hemodynamic indicators during hip joint arthroplastic operations in children

Effect of combined epidural anesthesia in children on hemodynamics with abdominal interventions

Diagnostic criteria for coronaviral infection in patients with chronic viral hepatitis b

Etiological factors of acute pneumonia in children of early age with complex congenital heart defects

Clinical and anamnestic characteristics of low-weight infants with bacterial infection

Rectoperineal fistulas in children

Risk factors of birth of children with a low body weight

The effectiveness of the treatment of heart failure metabolic syndrome on the parameters of post infarct remodeling and functional state of the left ventricle in patients with metabolic syndrome

Clinical, hormonal and imaging characteristics of reproductive disorders in women with inactive pituitary adenomas

Ki-67 marker role in diagnosis and outcomes prognosis for somatotroph pituitary adenomas

Perinatal risks of newborns depending on the type of diabetes mellitus of their mother

Mobilization of healthcare systems of different countries during the pandemic coronavirus

Forensic criteria for the diagnosis of chronic alcohol intoxication

Fecal incontinence in children, surgical and neurological aspects of diagnosis and treatmen

Learning of foreign languages in pandemic period

Results of treatment of postoperative anal incontinence with volume-forming gel “noltrex”

Psychosomatic relationship in patients with chronic renal failure receiving hemodialysis treatment

Forensic medical examination possibilities in posthumous diagnostics of a diabetes mellitus

Comparative analysis of the quality of life of children with primary hyperparathyroidism during the long periods after parathyroidectomy

Diagnostics and clinical course of respiratory tuberculosis in children and adolescents at the modern stage

Isolation and Screening of Resveratrol-Producing Activity of Endophytes from Vitis Vinifera Grapes in Uzbekistan

Diagnostics and treatment of fistoral forms of rare regional variants of anorectal malformations in children

The development of comorbid infections on the background of rheumatoid arthritis in children

Identifying Potential New Stem Cell OCT4 Biomarker in Breast Cancer

Isolation and identification of Staphylococcus aureus and Candida species from nasal infections

Clinical features of neurological and cognitive disorders in patients with primary hypothyroidism.

The effect of needle reflex therapy on the dynamics of sensory recovery during early recovery from ischemic stroke.

Improvement of the results of combined Pleurodesis with Videothoracoscopic interventions in patients with bullous lung disease

Antibiotic resistance of uropathogenic E. Coli with a community-acquired origin

Nutritive support for traumatic brain injuries

Development of the epidemic process of new coronavirus infection (covid-19) in Tashkent city

Characteristic clinical and neurological features of changes in cognitive functions in type 2 diabetes mellitus

Influence of anomalies of the gall bladder and Bild tract on the development of pathological states of the children

Results of application of separate or combined (Heterogen) vaccines against covid-19

Isolation and identification of Staphylococcus aureus and Candida species from nasal infections

Simulation-based education: Its effect on undergraduate nursing students’ satisfaction, self-confidence, and performance in the real-patient environment.

The prevalence of Hepatitis B and C in Health Care Workers of Middle Euphrates Oncology Center in Najaf.

Morphological and Molecular identification of yeasts species isolated from bloodstream infections in Al-Najaf province

Selection of the optimal option of anesthesiological aid when conducting reconstructive-plastic surgery in the upper limb

Phylogenetic identification of trichoderma sp_uzb strain by morphological and molecular genetic methods

Тhe concept of “TORCH infections” in pregnant women and newborns

Features of the dynamics of clinical, neurological and neurophysiological manifestations of polyneuropathy of coronavirus etiology during treatment with acupuncture
The laboratory markers’ shifts depending on the severity of the course of SARS-CoV2 infection

Evaluation of Some Hematological and Immunological Parameters of Patients with Asthma

Synthesis and Alkylation of 5- (Benzothiazolyl-2ʹ-Thiomethyl) -1,3,4-Oxadiazolin-2-Thion

Growth stimulating and phosphorus-mobilizing activity of wheat rhizobacteria (triticum aestivum l.) of the genus pseudomonas and bacillus 

Features of the clinical course of rhinosinusitis in children of the Aral Sea region

Application of 3d modeling of implants for combined injuries of the maxillofacial region

Complications in the treatment of mandibular fractures (Literature review)

Clinical and hormonal features of type 2 diabetes mellitus associated with chronic heart failure

Cytokine profile of oral fluid and cytomorphological picture of wound surface in patients with phlegmons of the maxillofacial region

Morphological changes of the gastric mucosa and homeostasis characteristics in the patients with gastropathies of different etiology

Evaluation of diagnostic and differential diagnostic characteristics of reversible cerebral vasоconstrictive syndrome

Association of the tgf-β1 gene with the development of varicose disease and its thrombotic complications

Choice of access of cataract extraction in children with connected cataract

Allergen-specific immunotherapy in children with allergic rhinitis

Improving patronage services for expectant mothers and children, primary prevention of congenital anomalies

Application of drainage “Glautex” in treatment of congenital glaucoma

Pigment forming Actinomycete strain and its biotechnological potential

Properties of dissociants of rhodococcus ruber – 8/4/1 – the producer of nitrile hydratase.

Effect of antibacterial photodynamic therapy in the treatment of pyoinflammatory diseases of the maxillofacial region in infants.

Utility of Cytokeratin 20 Immunohistochemical Expression in the Diagnosis and Grading of Transitional Cell Carcinoma

Pityriasis versicolor: Epidemiological and clinical study, Alkarama Teaching Hospital Azhaar F Abtan

Microrna expression in patients with asymptomatic neurocognitive impairment and HIV associated dementia

The characteristics of changes in the concentration of certain cytokines in HIV-infected patients

New Micromycetes belong to cucurbitaria grey for Micobiots of southern Uzbekistan

Features of the state of cerebral hemodynamics in patients with Vertebrobasilar insufficiency

Clinical-allergological and immunological characteristics of children with bronchial asthma

Calculation of temperature changes in the greenhouse soil layer using geothermal energy.

To the question of the merging of the vegetation cover of the soil to the temperature-humidity regime in greenhouses

Current Meliorative and ecological condition of the soil of the southern Aral Sea region

Fundamentals of effective use of water resources of irrigated lands in South Karakalpakstan

The mathematical model for determining the value of flushing rates for desalination of saline soils

Hydromodule zoning southern Karakalpakstan and optimal cotton irrigation regime

Mechanisms of immunological reactivity in patients with bronchial asthma depending on the degree of disease control

Skin changes in experimental animals under the influence of new ointments prepared from plant extracts

Criterions and principles classify microorganisms

Microbiocenosis of the dry shore of the Aral Sea

Quality of Care Program: its outcome on mothers and nurses regarding postoperative care of children in pediatric surgery department

The influence of complicated duodenal ultra and different methods of surgical treatment on the functional state of hydrolysis and transport